Caring for your miniature pinscher dog

Your Miniature Pinscher dog is different from any other type of Pinscher and needs special treatment.
The Miniature Pinscher is a small dog, standing at about 12 inches high. It is affectionately nicknamed the Min Pin. It is a good fighter, athletic, investigative and playful. It does not sit still for a minute so you have to be vigilant and watch that it does not get into any mischief.
Min Pins tend to be bossy and dominant. They will try to boss over the human family. Spoiled Min Pins create behavior problems like excessive barking, possessiveness over food or favorite objects, snapping at humans and dominance struggles. These are challenges to novel dog owners who may not know how to train the Min Pin for obedience.
Training a Min Pin is tough. You need to be in control and insist that you're the dominant leader and it must obey you. Since Min Pins are playful, they will definitely make fun of everything and exasperate you. However, remain firm to overcome their attitude problems.
Before buying a Min Pin, it is best to observe these pups and talk to breeders. Get your information right and then make your commitment. Your family needs to understand and accept your Min Pin, as it will become part of your family. Like it or not, the Min Pin will interact with everybody and get into everybody's way. Remember to ask for your pup's immunization record.
Before bringing your pup home, you need to puppy-proof your home. Secure all openings that can be reached by your Min Pin. Its curious nature will encourage it to investigate every nook and cranny. It will run away if given the opportunity. Small objects on your table top are not safe from your Min Pin's mouth. It is safer to install special screen doors to prevent your Min Pin from escaping. You also need screens on your windows to prevent your pet from leaping out.

You need to brush your Min Pin's coat twice weekly to keep it clean and shiny. Toenails need trimming once fortnightly. Bathe your pet once monthly and for the rest of the time, wipe it clean using a warm, wet towel. Start with the face and work down to the tail. Wash that towel thoroughly before its next use on your pet.
A Min Pin is a sensitive dog and rough treatment will affect the dog badly. It will run away from that person. This will also contribute to behavioral problems like fear-aggression in the dog.
Start your pup on training and socialization as it learns best at a young age. Its high level of energy and excitement will bring color into your life.

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